/Does Lasik Eye Surgery Affect Night Vision?

Does Lasik Eye Surgery Affect Night Vision?

LASIK surgery is a procedure that provides people with freedom from eyeglasses and contact lenses. Most patients love to see the result that they have after the LASIK surgery. Everything is good but it’s important to understand the risks that are involved with the eye surgery.

So the common side effects that occur after the LASIK eye surgery is bad night vision.

LASIK and night vision:-

Not everyone who undergoes the LASIK surgery experiences issues with their night vision. In some reports the night vision gets better after the surgery. The night vision problem occurs temporarily. This problem is considered as a part of the healing process. And this problem disappears within 4-6 months after the LASIK surgery. The night vision problem includes glare, starbursts around lights ( this problem occurs while driving at night mostly) and halos. But the most important thing to understand is this problem is very common and in the majority of people this vision problem disappears within some months. As your cornea is healed completely then your night vision is getting improved. And if you are concerned about your night vision, don’t worry you have the right to consult with your ophthalmologist and ask questions related to your problem. The LASIK surgery cost in India (https://visualaidscentre.com/) is much affordable.

If you find you don’t get clear night vision after the time that your ophthalmologist told you, then  you should contact your ophthalmologist. This issue is not that big so it can easily be fixed by quick LASIK enhancement. Always keep in mind that patients with high degrees of errors need glasses after the LASIK eye surgery, especially at night when you are driving.

Reasons Why Your Night Vision Affects

Many problems occur after the surgery like halos, glare and starbursts. The reason behind all this complications may be due to the following:-

  • Enlarged pupils: After the LASIK surgery your pupil’s size is getting larger than the actual treatment zone, this thing causes the night vision problem. The pupil sometimes becomes so large that light passes into the eye and causes And the pupil naturally becomes bigger in the dark. This is the reason the vision problem occurs and effects are more noticeable at night.
  • Flap corneal:– The corneal flap problem is another reason that can cause night vision problems. These problems can cause light to bend irregularly at those points where the treated and untreated cornea meet. This will cause bad night vision.
  • Refractive errors:– Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are remaining refractive errors. Refractive error could be caused by an over and under response of your cornea to the procedure. This will cause the worst night vision.

The problem of night vision in some problems depends on the characteristics of their eyes. The higher risk factor may be found in those who have larger pupils and with great refractive errors.  you can get LASIK surgery in Delhi (visual aids centre).