10 Ways The Justice League Is A Business


The Justice League has been saving Earth since the Silver Age, facing threats no other team could handle. They have become the greatest defense force in the multiverse, made up of the most powerful heroes imaginable. Every hero wants a chance to be a member of the Justice League. While many DC Comics teams are families, it can be argued that the League is more like a society.

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Like a corporation, the Justice League is a group of individuals working together for the greater good. Their “product” is simple: they save the world. Breaking down the inner workings of the team confirms this rather well.

10/10 The Justice League will poach talent from other groups

DC is full of amazing teams, groups like Teen Titans, Outsiders, Justice Society, etc. They each work differently and each of them has lifelong members, heroes who are always with the team. Each group usually stays in its own lane; they’ll work with other teams, but there’s not a lot of overlap in membership.

The Justice League isn’t like that. Although there are members who are only part of the Justice League, the League will poach talent from other teams. Like any powerful company, the League wants the best of the best, and they’ll take heroes from other groups to get it.

9/10 Every member of the Justice League has a specialization

Companies do many different things, with various specialized departments. For example, management doesn’t do sales, sales don’t do payroll, and janitors don’t go to board meetings. The various departments remain in their lanes. A successful business works like a well-oiled machine, combining the skills of each department.

The Justice League does the same. Each member is doing something great and it is their responsibility. Sure, there’s some overlap of powers, like the multiple heroes with super strength, but Superman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter all do different things. The League combines everyone’s powers and skills expertly.

8/10 The Justice League understands how to take on other brands

Smart people create but geniuses steal. The corporate world is full of overlapping brands. Coca-Cola created a new market for cola drinks and several companies jumped into the ring, some succeeding and some failing. The same can be said of almost all consumer products.

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The Justice League played on the legacy of the Justice Society. From legacy members like Flash and Green Lantern, members like Power Girl, Doctor Fate, and Hawkman, to the name “Justice League”, the League has played the brand of the Justice Society. He used that previous team’s branding to achieve stardom.

7/10 The Justice League has villainous impersonators

Just as the Justice League played against the Justice Society brand, copycats also hit the League. However, most of the time these impersonators were not heroes, but villains. Teams like the Secret Society of Super Villains, Legion of Doom, Crime Syndicate, and Injustice Gang/League are all groups made up of iconic enemies of the Justice League which are basically nasty leagues.

These villainous groups saw how effective the Justice League model was and tried to copy it. In the corporate world, this happens constantly with the biggest companies. The Justice League is like Apple, a revolutionary company that hits a few snags, but then drops something revolutionary like the iPhone and everyone copies them with varying degrees of success.

6/10 The Justice League will shake things up internally

A good company knows that letting the workforce get complacent can lead to bad things. Teams are bogged down and their work is not up to par. This is why an injection of new blood is good; moving old employees and recruiting new ones to fill vacancies can bring new perspectives and forge new relationships that promote productivity.

The Justice League also used this approach. The League changes its workforce from time to time, bringing in new heroes to make up for the shortcomings, bringing in new sets of powers and experiences. These roster shake-ups allowed the team to deal with situations they couldn’t before.

5/10 Justice League has internal training programs

Companies like to poach talent, but they also cultivate it at home. Promising young employees are recruited, their skills and abilities get them noticed, and then they are accelerated to the top. They are trained by the best members of the organization and are prepared to take on leadership positions within the company.

Many DC teams have excellent practice facilities, and the Justice League is no different. Not only that, but they have the biggest heroes around to act as coaches. The most promising young heroes have the chance to learn from the best and take on bigger positions within the League.

The point of in-house training programs is to cultivate talent and train the next generation of leaders. In order to get experienced management personnel from outside, it takes a lot of expense to convince them. Internal promotion is a return on investment; the higher salaries are offset by the time and money invested in the candidate.

The Justice League also follows this approach. The best managers in the League all came from within, moving up the ranks. The perfect example of this is Black Canary; she joined the team and worked her way up to eventually become president.

3/10 Justice Leagues Diversify for Success

Companies are realizing that having one product is not the way to do things. It is impossible to know when a competitor will arrive and take over the market. Businesses diversify in order to capture as much market as possible, which also allows them to compete in new corners and cater to more types of customers.

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The Justice League faces many types of enemies. They realized that their team can’t always deal with every threat, so that’s where the Justice League Dark comes in. The JLD, with members like Etrigan the Demon and Zatanna, faces magical threats that would destroy the main team. This offshoot is basically Sprite for the Coca-Cola Company.

2/10 The Hall of Justice is iconic

The biggest companies have symbols. McDonald’s has the golden arches, Nike has the checkmark, Disney has Mickey Mouse, and Starbucks has the mermaid logo. Companies use these symbols to foster brand loyalty; customers associate brands with their symbols.

DC Superheroes Use Awesome Bases and the League has the best. The Hall of Justice is as much a symbol as anything else. It has a striking design that sticks in the spirit, using familiar architectural motifs. The Hall of Justice is so well known that it has become a museum, something fans want to visit, almost like Disney World.

1/10 DC’s Trinity is the board of directors

Each company is governed by a board of directors. They make the high level decisions, meet and decide the direction of the company. They are the power behind everything, and they keep the management of the company running smoothly, all the way down to the lower levels.

The Justice League doesn’t have a board of directors, but they do have Trinity. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are the spiritual center of the League. They are not always the leaders of the group and not all Justice League rosters have Trinitybut they are the ones who make the decisions that keep the whole business running.

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