A new business center opens in the iconic Stafford building next month


A new business center in one of the historic buildings in Staffordshire town center officially opens next month.

Stafford’s Business Enterprise Center will officially open on Monday, July 18, but potential tenants are already signing up for the flexible license.

Work has progressed on schedule and on schedule, with offices and workspaces now ready for occupancy. Stafford Chambers of Commerce will be among the first occupants to move into this exciting new business center which is an interesting mix of historic building and modern office space.

Small businesses and start-ups looking for downtown office space with flexible leases are encouraged to inquire about the center.

The Shire Hall business center in Stafford Market Square has benefited from a £2million refurbishment. A total of £1.6 million has been allocated to the project from the national Getting Building Fund through the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

The county council and Stafford Borough Council have also invested in the centre. It is located in the area at the rear of the building that once housed the city’s main library.

Like the County Council’s other business centres, it will provide office space, hospitality facilities, meeting space, networking opportunities and business advice and support.

Units will range from 97 square feet to 323 square feet and there will be flexible working options, including shared offices and the ability to rent a post office box.

Center management will be based in the building and there will also be out-of-hours security patrols. It offers an ideal location in the city center, close to amenities such as the train station and cafes.

Any business wishing to find out more about unit costs and availability, or wishing to book a visit, should contact Susan Semple, Center Administrator, at [email protected] or by calling 01785 226415.

Bringing part of the Shire Hall back into service will help revitalize Stafford town center by attracting new business. This project will form part of the wider long-term regeneration of Shire Hall.

It will also complete plans for the repurposing and redevelopment of land occupied by vacant buildings – including the former magistrates’ court and the county council’s own Wedgwood building – off Eastgate Street.

Philip White, Deputy Leader of Staffordshire County Council and Cabinet Member for Economy and Skills, pictured above inside centersaid: “We are delighted that the Shire Hall Business Center is opening soon and has already attracted many small businesses and start-ups.

“The development of the business center is now complete. Interested companies can now contact the center management team to find out more and book a visit.

“I’m sure they will be impressed with the facilities, the setting of the building and its location.

“The Shire Hall is an iconic landmark in the heart of Stafford town center and we are delighted to have returned it to productive use for the community.

“Great attention has been paid to planning the future use of the hall and our evidence and research has shown that there is a need for provision in the city for small businesses.

“The business center is in the former library area at the rear of the building and includes all the facilities our target businesses will need. It follows the model of our other corporate centers with flexible rentals and an on-site support team.

“A thriving business hub in the Shire Hall will benefit the wider town center economy and recent investment and planned regeneration undoubtedly make Stafford an attractive place to work and live.”

Chairman of Stoke-on-Trent and the Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Alun Rogers, added: “The former library space in Shire Hall provides ideal space for small businesses and supports the town center economy, especially as he recovers from the pandemic period.

“It is a priority for LEP to support small businesses and ensure they can operate in the right environment for them to thrive.

“The Getting Building Fund is for projects that are ready to start and can make a difference as soon as possible. Transforming the vacant Shire Hall space into a hub of entrepreneurship and collaboration is ideal and we look forward to working with our partners to bring it to life.

Frances Beatty, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Planning at Stafford Borough Council, said: “We are delighted to see that the renovation of Shire Hall is now complete and ready to open.

“It will be a centerpiece for the revival of popular community events and gatherings in the Market Square and indeed throughout the city.

“The Shire Hall is an integral part of the wider work being carried out by the Borough Council – including the station footbridge and the regeneration of the town centre.”

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