Best Prenatal Vitamins

Best Prenatal Vitamins

By admin 0 Comment August 15, 2019

Prenatal Vitamins are one of the best recommended vitamins given to a woman before, during and after pregnancy. These vitamins are the combination of necessary vitamins and minerals requires for healthy pregnancy and growth of the child. These are really good source of vitamins essential during pregnancy, but the problem arises when we create misconceptions about these vitamin pills and that’s why here we present some myths and their facts that may help you for healthy pregnancy:

Q: It’s necessary to use prenatal vitamins.

A: Well the fact is that it’s not all necessary to take these vitamins, as other multi vitamins are also available for pregnant woman. You just need to check that the pills which you are supposed to take must have folic acid, iron and calcium in adequate amount with other vitamins.

Q: Prenatal Vitamins are a cure all.

A: It’s really true that it acts as a great supplement for various vitamins and minerals. But the problem is that we think pills are all enough, which is not true. Remember the better your nutrition the more you will get from your prenatal vitamin.

Q: It’s good to take it before pregnancy, after it will not give results.

A: On can start taking prenatal vitamins anytime, before, during and after pregnancy. If you start taking prenatal vitamins before 2 or 3 months, increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Q: Prescription is necessary to before taking these vitamins.

A: Every drug company wishes that customers would believe them and most probably various prenatal vitamins will work for women also, and still if you have any doubt, you can consult with your doctor as well.

Q: Synthetic and natural vitamins work just well like prenatal vitamins.

A: Natural vitamin like Vitamin E is better retained and more biologically active than synthetic. It helps premature babies fight off oxidative stress damage to the heart and lungs and can lead to anemia.