Breakfast food for good health

Breakfast food for good health

By admin 0 Comment September 11, 2019

Our body needs that the first meal of the day will provide 25% of the daily nutrients. Drafting the breakfast food is essential. In addition, breakfast correctly is even more important. Despite this, many people leave aside this meal. Hurry up to the last minute of the hours of nighttime sleep, leave in a hurry to work or lack of hunger on awakening are some of the main factors that make that many people leave home without taking breakfast. Many others yes eat breakfast, but limit it to the intake of a coffee or a glass of milk with cookies, so in addition to not being healthy this food does not meet functions that should have.

Healthy breakfast

That the foods we eat during breakfast should provide the nutrients and energy that our body requires as soon as we have awakened. After many hours of night fasting, the body needs the nutrients that gives us the breakfast to recharge batteries and to meet our daily activities: work, school, sport… In this sense, the intake of food to get up is closely link with the attainment of a better physical and mental performance.

Generally, a healthy breakfast should include a food of these groups:

CARBOHYDRATES. Also, provide us with carbohydrate – which provide energy, vitamins and minerals, are also an important source of fiber. Bread, either cast or bar, toasts or cereals are the most recommendable for breakfast options, but it may also use without excess to biscuits or cereal bars. We should flee, on the other hand, from the industrial bakery products. Choose whole-grain bread is the best choice if we want to preserve the line.

DAIRY. These products will provide us with proteins of high biological value, as well as calcium, iron and zinc, among other nutrients. Milk, yogurt, or cheese – fresh, semi or cured – should not be missing in a perfect breakfast. Naturally, you cannot abuse them or taking them together every day at breakfast, but they are very healthy foods that will help us that our body gets the proper contribution of calories to start your day with energy and forces.

FRUITS. To provide needed water-soluble vitamins to the body. In addition, take them at breakfast also will help keep functioning intestine and digestive organs. Fresh and completely or in the form of juice, fruits have never in our pantry. They are recommended at all times, but also especially at breakfast. Although all fruits are healthy, for their contribution in vitamins and their characteristics, the Orange is a fantastic ally to start the day.

OTHERS. Sparingly, in our diet for a healthy breakfast can be added other elements such as fats (olive oil, nuts…), sugars (marmalade, honey, cocoa…), proteins (egg, tuna, ham, cold cuts,…) or vegetables and vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce…).

Every time there is more data that support the relationship between breakfast and body weight. A smaller number of days in that breakfast has been associated with a greater index of body mass in young do paradoxical. No: have breakfast regularly carries more regular physical activity and healthier food choices and eating habits. On the contrary, when not have breakfast regularly there is an increase in snacking, irregular patterns of intake or increased consumption of foods of low nutritional value and they consume a greater amount of energy at the dinner.

A healthy breakfast is define as a balanced combination of dairy, bread, cereals and assorted fruits that combined represent 25% of the nutrients you need daily the organism to function properly during the rest of the day. Experts are committed to take a breakfast every day that contains dairy, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables and other ingredients such as jam, ham York or Turkey.

To be considered a perfect breakfast food, this must be varied and cover around a quarter of our daily diet. I.e., that if we ingest 2,000 kcal/day (media recommended for an adult person without a great physical activity), about 500 kcal breakfast should bring them.