/Caroline Sturken – What Can Charity Teach You About Leadership

Caroline Sturken – What Can Charity Teach You About Leadership

Do charity and leadership go hand in hand? Experts in the field say they do. In fact, regular charity can help you become an inspirational leader and impact the lives of all associated with success. Charity often tests your skills as a true leader, and you learn valuable lessons from it. In fact, some of the key lessons you learn are applicable in the business world and can impact your growth as a leader in a large way.

Caroline Sturken – The positive role charity plays in business leadership

Caroline Sturken is an active member of the esteemed Phi Sigma sisterhood and says that philanthropy cultivates a deep leadership and charity culture in organizations and communities. She shares the same goals and vision of the sorority and has been able to ignite positive personal transformation and personal development after being associated with it. She also is an artist and lives on Massapequa in New York. She passionately enjoys education, entrepreneurship, and innovation too.

When it comes to how the charity helps leadership skills, she says-

  1. It helps to establish influence- When you are a business leader, simply salary and monetary incentives will not help you to drive people. You need to have an influence on them to take the right action steps to accomplish the common goal or purpose for growth.


  1. The innate passion for serving- There are tough times in business; however, they can be overcome thanks to your passion and drive to serve. There is a strong sense of purpose when you reach out to help people who need your support. Though there may be times when you feel like giving up, the passion for helping voluntarily those in need will help you conquer and get on the summit.


  1. Team engagement- Building relationships based on integrity, commitment, and trust is very important. Team engagement is vital to the accomplishment of the end goal.


  1. Leadership is not just yourself- Empowering others is the first rule of leadership. It should be a sustainable goal for the long run. Vested self-interests must be set aside if you really want to become a true business leader. Not only should you grow, but those associated with you should evolve and grow too.


  1. Strategy- Charity helps you in planning a strategy that helps you to accomplish the end goal. Here, failure should never be considered to be an option. An extensive well-planned strategy should be in place so that you are able to reach your goals in the set time-frame.

As per Caroline Sturken being associated with philanthropy and charity has given her valuable perspective and detailed insight into what true leadership is really about. In order to become a true leader, you must start with yourself first. You should openly share your vision and goals with others for the greater good. You need to establish a potent inner circle and envision a detailed strategy for accomplishing goals. Inspirational and strong leaders have the ability to empower others irrespective of whether you are heading a charitable cause or a business!