Causes Of Insomnia

Causes Of Insomnia

By admin 0 Comment September 25, 2019

Causes of insomnia are impossible to determine without a thorough analysis of the life of the individual concerned, and even when this is carried out there are still some cases which defy any logical explanation. Some of these cases will respond to a carefully worked out plan to reverse the situation, while others will not be so easy to deal with. It is also possible that the insomnia could be linked to another medical condition, and if this happens the situation will inevitably be considerably more complicated.

It is vitally important to eliminate causes of insomnia which involve a physical disability or condition, before you begin to work out what to do next. There are conditions such as sleep apnea which need to be formally diagnosed following benchmark tests, and which need to be treated by a physician. Once these have been ruled out, then you can begin the work of creating a system to deal with the insomnia condition. Many cases are also caused by short term difficulties in someone’s life, such as a bereavement or marriage break-up, and in these cases there is nothing other than time which will solve the problem.

Studies of what causes insomnia have found that there is usually a dietary or lifestyle factor involved, even in cases where there are other obvious contributory factors. There have also been surveys carried out into the conditions in which many people sleep. There is more noise and light in the urban environment than there was in past eras, and this can certainly be a factor in people sleeping more erratically. Smoking, drunkenness and overeating in the hours before bedtime may not be as common as they once were, but they are still important causative factors in many cases of insomnia.

The good news is that these potential causes of insomnia can usually be dealt with relatively easily. You can use earplugs to reduce noise levels, and light can be removed with a blackout. Dietary factors definitely need examining if there are sleeping difficulties, as these are a major source of unnecessary insomnia. Caffeine and other stimulants are the worst culprits of all, but many people don’t realize how damaging to can be to drink alcohol late at night, or to use tobacco in the hour or so directly before you are due to retire. Eliminating these bad habits is often enough to cure a sleep loss pattern.

The development of electronic technology over the past twenty years has created many other potential insomnia causes. It is now common for families to sit together and watch television right up to the time when the family members are ready to go to bed, and this means that the mind will be in anything but a relaxed state as it is trying to wind down and enter the sleep state. A similar effect will happen with those playing computer games, especially fast games with a lot of action. It is not always obvious what the causes of insomnia are, and they don’t even need to be permanently stored in the room where you try to sleep. For example, if you have no television or computer in the room where you sleep, but you regularly make a long cell phone call to one of your friends before retiring, you may well be getting your brain into a more agitated state than if you were using the computer. It is important to examine every aspect of your life in full when you are trying to find your own potential causes of insomnia.