CEYEBER Corporation Announces Partnership with Blink Energy


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CEYEBER Corporation (“CEYEBER”) today announced its strategic alliance and investment in Blink Energy Ltd. (“Blink”), located at Haifa, Israel, to co-develop the future of improved vision. Blink brings power and communication flexibility to smart devices, taking them to a new level of battery life, portable experience, and ease of use.

In return for CEYEBER’s investment in Blink, CEYEBER will receive a preferred equity interest in Blink and the parties will work toward a licensing agreement granting CEYEBER an exclusive license to use Blink’s power technology in its intraocular lens applications. . The intention of the parties is to eventually enter into a definitive agreement enabling the development of a power and communication platform that will support CEYEBER’s smart intraocular lens.

Robert E. GrantCEO and Founder of CEYEBER, said, “Our partnership with Blink Energy is an extremely important part of our larger vision to develop breakthrough medical-grade smart eye implants.”

Yariv Bar-OnCEO and co-founder of Blink, said, “We are extremely excited to partner with the CEYEBER team on an innovative project like this and look forward to making a difference in the future of intraocular lens applications. “.

Ceyeber Corp is the developer of implantable intraocular lens technology designed for medical and augmented reality applications. The Company is currently in the research and development phase to create a medical-grade smart eye implant that integrates cellular, WIFI and 802.11 transmissions into a cognitive interface. This would allow clients to enhance cognitive functions and digitally capture individual experiences and memories. The company is currently developing a benchtop working prototype of its US Patent No. 9,662,199 B2, which covers an implantable intraocular lens with optics (including accommodating, multifocal and phakic configurations), camera and LED display, as well as a communication module that wirelessly transmits and receives information from an external device.

About Blink Energy
The brainchild of entrepreneurs, ophthalmologists and engineers, Blink’s revolutionary, patented technology accelerates the adoption of smart eye devices, reducing their time to market and total cost of ownership, with a minimal footprint. The ergonomic Blink IT™ eye patch, conforms to the epicanthic crease of the eyelid and contains a designated power and communication platform that wirelessly connects a smart lens to a mobile app provides flexibility of power and communication to smart eye devices, taking them to a new level of autonomy, wearable experience and ease of use.

CEYEBER PR and Investor Relations:
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CEO and co-founder of Blink Energy
Yariv Bar-On
Tel: + 972.544477805
E-mail: [email protected]



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