chennai corporation: Strays picked up inhumanely before Cm event | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Overzealous Greater Chennai Corporation contractors were filmed handling stray dogs inhumanely in an alley behind Tangedco’s head office on Anna Salai. This was ahead of the Chief Minister’s visit to the Electricity Commission office for an official event on Saturday morning.
While protocol requires dog catchers to only use a butterfly net, which is placed over the animal and picked up, workers were seen using a noose to trap the dogs.
Animal activist Antony Rubin, who is also part of the Chennai Corporation’s ABC (animal birth control) oversight committee, told TOI that ropes should never be used to catch stray dogs. “For sterilization purposes and during VVIP trips, stray dogs are caught and released in the same area. During VVIP movements, since vehicles cross the road quickly, to ensure that the dogs are also not injured while crossing the roads, such practices are performed. But, there are protocols and ropes should not be used. We will take it seriously with the relevant authorities,” said Antony Rubin.
He further added that workers are expected to wear official uniforms.
According to animal rights activists, the practice of catching dogs with a rope could strangle them to death or even sometimes break their necks and there are also chances that dogs are more prone to violence when they are caught in this way, thus posing a danger to the dog catcher as well.
When TOI inquired with civic body officials about the incident, officials said an investigation had been initiated into the incident.
“There were clear instructions for workers to use the butterfly nets to capture stray dogs. We provided them with enough materials and also gave them training sessions once a month on how to deal with stray animals. A warning has been issued,” said Dr. Kamal Hussain, City Veterinarian, Greater Chennai Corporation.

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