City of Savannah Reintroduces Minority and Women-Owned Business Certification Program


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Minority and women-owned businesses in Savannah will once again be able to participate in a local city certification program.

Minority and women-owned businesses will be able to be certified locally and access city contracting opportunities through the Minority and Women-Owned Business Certification Program.

This is part of the city’s economic pilot program which focuses on supporting local businesses.

“The city has goals for participation in using minority businesses and having this certification gives them confidence that when they say they are doing business with a minority or women-owned business, that they are doing business legitimately. with these types of businesses,” Marronde Lumpkin said. -Lotson, manager of the City of Savannah Business Opportunities Office.

Lumpkin-Lotson says the city is reintroducing the program after it was discontinued in late 2017.

She says that at the time, city leaders thought the Disadvantaged Enterprise Program would better meet the city’s needs.

“Our newly elected management wanted to bring this back, saw its importance and we said it was very easy to do. We still have quite a few companies asking us about this certification and why not bring it back, especially right now? So we looked at it and studied it and agreed it was time.

As Georgia and other states across the country reopen, she says they want to recycle dollars from city contracts back into the Savannah economy.

“Providing this opportunity while bringing back the certification ensures that when the city says we do business with Savannah first, we do business with Savannah first.”

Applications for certification and affidavit of renewal are available now.

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