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The acquisition will focus on the creation and retail of gaming and esports accessories, strengthening NODWIN’s presence in D2C

NODWIN Games, a hardware subsidiary of Nazara Technologies Limited, one of the world’s leading esports companies, announced a strategic investment in Wings Lifestyle, a gaming accessories brand that designs and markets affordable, high-quality gaming audio gear. quality. Through this association, NODWIN aims to grow and strengthen its retail presence and accelerate its direct-to-consumer approach for gaming and esports audiences in India.

As part of this investment, the plan will be to roll out a custom series of gaming headphones themed around popular Indian gaming and esports talents and influencers under the umbrella of NODWIN Gaming and esports organizations. popular in the country.

“Strategic investments like these allow us to realize our vision of creating a successful multi-dimensional gaming and esports strategy. We believe that Wings Lifestyle and NODWIN Gaming share multiple synergies; whether it’s our influencers, our tournament IP sponsorships, or our gaming community businesses. This investment will hopefully fill the void created by the huge demand for custom headphones and earphones among the gaming and esports community. This will further strengthen the NODWIN brand in our target audience after our recent acquisitions. We are thrilled to bring Wings into the NODWIN Gaming ecosystem and look forward to strengthening the esports industry in India and globally together,” said Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and Managing Director, NODWIN Gaming.

Wings Lifestyle was founded in 2018 by Nishit Sharma and Vijay Vekateswaran joined as co-founder in 2021 and has since grown into a leading earphone brand with a focus on the mobile gaming segment. All of its gaming accessories are priced below Rs. 2,000 and include premium gaming earphones and gaming neckbands with product expansion planned in headphones, keyboards, soundbars, speakers speakers and mice. As part of its 360° marketing approach to cover all avenues of the gaming ecosystem, Wings Lifestyle collaborates with gaming content creators, esports athletes and tournament organizers. The digital-focused brand retails through Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, as well as its own website

“We are very pleased and honored to partner with NODWIN Gaming in our mission to create quality gaming products for Indian youth. We have built the company from the ground up over the past 3 years and successfully brought it to where it is today. We now believe the time is right to secure external funding and grow Wings into a global gaming brand. NODWIN Gaming and Wings share a common vision of supporting and growing the gaming community and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner on this journey,” said Nishit Sharma and Vijay Venkateswaran, co-founders of Wings Lifestyle.


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