Coimbatore Corporation constructs a building that breaks the rules


Failed to get LPA clearance for multi level car park on DB Road

Failed to get LPA clearance for multi level car park on DB Road

Coimbatore Corporation, which enforces building planning and construction rules, finds itself on the wrong side of the law for constructing a building without permission.

This came to light a few months ago after the Company was unable to open the multi-level car park on DB Road due to lack of power connection.

When the civic body approached Tangedco for the electrical connection, they were told that under the Combined Development and Building Rules 2019, they were expected to provide a Building Completion Certificate from the relevant authority – the local planning authority (LPA).

The Company should have built the car park according to the approved plan to obtain the certificate of completion. As he had not taken planning permission from the Authority, he had applied for one, the sources said.

The Company should have obtained permission from the Authority for the construction of the multi-level car park 30 days before the start of construction, in accordance with Sec. 58 of the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act 1971. In this case, the company had contacted the Authority after the construction of the building.

Consumer activist K. Kathirmathiyon, who sued Tangedco for issuing a power connection only for buildings with certificate of completion, said the issue would not have come to light had Tangedco approved the power connection request of the society.

Only Tangedco’s insistence on obtaining a construction completion certificate had compelled the civic body to knock on the PLA’s door. In the past, the Company had built several buildings without permission, such as the South Zone Office in Kuniamuthur or the Central Zone Office on Huzur Road. But, he escaped because there were no combined development and construction rules and he easily got a power connection, he said.

Even for the integrated bus stop it was building in Vellalore, the Company had not obtained permission from the local Planning Authority.

No government institution/department is exempt from taking planning permission from the relevant authority, he added.

Sources within the civic body said he had applied for planning permission from the PLA. The latter had raised a few questions to which he answered.


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