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The Daniels Company (“Daniels”)one of Canada’s most prominent builders and developers, has officially launched construction on its latest condominium residence in Regent’s Park, Daniels on Parliament. Located where Regent Park meets Cabbagetown, Daniels on Parliament is the last condominium in the third phase of the Regent Park revitalization. The condominium will include two towers, at 25 and 10 stories, rising from a shared podium.

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The Daniels Corporation has opened its new condominium residence in the Regent Park revitalization, Daniels on Parliament. Pictured are members of the Daniels team, Grace Lee Reynolds (CEO of Artscape) and buyers from Partnership for Affordable Homeownership. (Photo: BusinessWire)

During the groundbreaking event, Daniels provided details about his Affordable Homeownership Partnership, a down payment assistance program created for current and past residents of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC ) at Regent’s Park. Daniels also highlighted his place-making initiatives designed to showcase local artists and help foster social equity and inclusion while enhancing the public realm experience. Additionally, Daniels announced that he is the first developer in Ontario to offer Ori Living’s robotic furniture, which will be available at select studios in Daniels on Parliament.

“We are thrilled to offer our latest affordable homeownership program to Daniels on Parliament. We believe it is the duty of responsible builders and developers like us to create opportunities for positive social impact and change,” said Jake Cohen, Chief Operating Officer, The Daniels Corporation. “We recognize our industry’s potential to make a real impact and with our $5 million investment in this new program, we continue to make affordable homeownership a reality in Regent Park.

Affordable Homeownership Opportunities

The Partnership for Affordable Homeownership (HAP) is Daniels’ latest affordable homeownership program specifically designed for current and past residents of TCHC who have lived in Regent Park for at least two years since the revitalization began in 2006. With an investment of up to $5 million, the program is fully funded by Daniels and provides down payment assistance of up to $50 % of the purchase price of a new house at Daniels on Parliament, in the form of a second mortgage for a maximum term of 20 years, without interest or monthly payments.

Understanding that there are many intricacies to the homebuying process, Daniels has helped homebuyers prepare for homeownership by delivering Daniels’ Homeownership 101 Workshop. This information session is a mandatory step to qualify for the PAH program and covers all the key details surrounding home ownership. Additionally, all purchasers are also required to contribute a minimum of 100 volunteer hours within the Regent Park community, to be completed prior to occupancy, to support building a strong community. To date, 10 individuals and families have become owners at Daniels on Parliament through the HAP program.

“Over the past 15 years at Regent Park, Daniels has created and successfully implemented various affordable homeownership programs that help first-time buyers realize their dream of homeownership and Daniels on Parliament is an exciting new chapter,” said Heela Omarkhail, Vice President of Social Impact, The Daniels Corporation. “We continue to find ways to truly be a developer that puts people first and expand affordable homeownership programs that will be instrumental in promoting social cohesion and inclusion in this community. »

Daniels is also expanding its partnerships with Habitat for Humanity GTA and BlackNorth Initiative (BNI) to Daniels on Parliament by providing two homes to Habitat partner families – one of which will be part of the BNI Homeownership Bridge program. This partnership will help a Black family become a homeowner, with the goal of building safety, stability, fairness and opportunity in the Greater Toronto Area.

Partnering with local artists to create place-making opportunities

Daniels is proud to incorporate place-making opportunities into Daniels on Parliament that promote social cohesion and inclusion, while generating economic opportunities for local artists. At the portfolio level, Daniels engages Artscape Atelier, a social enterprise to create opportunities for artists to meaningfully shape the community and the built environment through public art, public realm and design interventions. site-specific creative locations.

Various local artists, including Peter Kattan and Casey Watson, will transform the corner of Parliament and Gerrard Street into an artistic landmark that reflects the unique local character, stories and heritage of the community. Rising where Regent Park meets Cabbagetown, Daniels on Parliament will be celebrated as a gateway to the community and will feature artist-designed place-making and streetscape elements, including murals, benches, lampposts and bike rings creating a public realm dynamic and impactful.

“Artscape Atelier is thrilled to partner with arts and culture, creating a multi-year public art program for the Daniels on Parliament community. This program will not only be a way to beautify the streetscape and create a sense of place, but it will also be an important way to tell the story of Regent Park,” said Grace Lee Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of Artscape. “Through the opportunities created, we will continue our efforts to work with communities deserving equity to overcome barriers. We look forward to the future of the Regent Park community, while working to honor the land on which we are privileged to continue working and of which we are a part.

Urban innovation with Ori Living

Urban innovation will be at the heart of Daniels on ParliamentDaniels announcing that he is the first-ever Ontario developer to partner with Living Ori (Or I). Ori specializes in the design and supply of multi-purpose furniture that creates transformable spaces perfect for optimizing living space. To Daniels on Parliament, 40 studio units will incorporate the Ori Pocket Closet as a standard feature, incorporating modular and robotic home furnishings that can be moved and hidden as needed. There will also be a number of studio suites with the option to upgrade to the Ori Pocket Closet. This partnership aims to help homeowners realize the full potential of their studio apartments by maximizing living space through unique space optimization solutions and multi-functional furniture.

Affordable housing partnerships and initiatives integrated into Daniels on Parliament build on Daniels’ long-standing commitment to not only deliver homes, but also to make a positive impact. Daniels on Parliament will celebrate the vibrancy and inclusiveness of the Regent Park community while showcasing the importance of collective community impact.

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About Daniels Company

The Daniels Company ( www.danielshomes.ca ) is one of Canada’s leading builders/developers, building over 35,000 new homes in the Greater Toronto Area for over 38 years. Daniels is the developer of TIFF Bell Lightbox and the City of the Arts community on Toronto’s east waterfront. Among his many initiatives, Daniels partnered with Toronto Community Housing to redevelop Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the revitalization of Regent’s Park, a 69-acre community in the heart of Toronto. At the heart of the project is both a physical and social reconnection of this once stigmatized neighborhood to the greater city of Toronto. Daniels continues to play an important role in the Regent Park community. Understanding that quality of life is created by more than physical buildings, Daniels goes beyond to integrate excellence in construction with opportunities for social, cultural and economic well-being.

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