Darwin Waterfront Corporation unveils massive, unfunded redevelopment


The Darwin Waterfront Corporation has unveiled plans for its game-changing $200 million unfunded development proposal in hopes the Commonwealth will fund it, citing the people of the Northern Territories as one of the issues at stake. to resolve.

A surf park, tropical snorkeling lagoon, swimming pools and playgrounds have all been planned as part of the expansion proposal which will focus primarily on the central compound.

Darwin Waterfront managing director Sam Burke told Mix104.9 on Tuesday that they had been working on the redevelopment for several years.

“It’s not, you know, just a concept drawing that we released. There’s years of detailed design that went into this,” Burke said.

He said they want to get contractors on board early this year, if funding is secured. But that seems like a big ask.

He also believes construction will start in 2022, but with no clear timeline for budget approval.

“We have a great neighborhood here that is underdeveloped. Let’s build on that and really create something iconic,” he said.

The waterfront is divided into three parts, the center, the north and the south.

Mr Burke said the redevelopment will focus on the center compound.

“Then north and south; the north is above the convention center just at the start of Francis Bay and the south is towards the former site of the luxury hotel.”

“Our perspective will redevelop the center using primarily government funding that will drive private development in these other two neighborhoods, and we estimate that these other neighborhoods represent well over $1 billion in private investment.”

Mr Burke said the $200 million was the Commonwealth’s request as part of the deal with the city and the project was with them.

“This $200 million is a game-changer for Darwin,” he said.

“This will give you a fully functional, international standard surf park that will also give you what we think is likely to be a world first, namely a full tropical lagoon.”

“To that we add over 4,000 square meters of new temperature-controlled swimming pools, food and beverage outlets with hand-crafted cocktails, new food and beverage facilities, a massive new playground just to begin the enclosure.”

Mr Burke said they had private sector investors lined up and were “ready to launch plans around the bolt”.

However, he admits that while commercial property developers want to get involved in the project, they are still waiting for the green light from the Commonwealth.

He said the biggest problem for Darwin is population.

“The growth of the North from a population perspective is essential. And we see lifestyle as a key driver,” Burke said.

He said the Northern Territories Government is taking the lead in funding talks with the Commonwealth, which have been going on for at least a year now.

“We are confident that we have provided everything in terms of project and economic benefits that they would need. »

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