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“I can’t say enough how grateful I am for everyone’s support and how overwhelmed I am by the kindness of people”

Drew Leduc – Owner

August 23, 2021
By: Adam Gibeau

Last year, Desirable Expressions was a growing side project that new entrepreneur Drewe Leduc was excited to work on and grow on. The pandemic had given him plenty of free time to work on his side. This year, Leduc was able to focus on the job at hand and successfully complete the Starter Company PLUS program offered by the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre.

What started as a way to pass his time has now expanded far beyond what owner Drewe Leduc thought could happen. Her company Desirable Expressions offers handcrafted earrings, necklaces and her signature pieces, what she calls her “captivating canvases”, “beaded beauties” and “clay creations”.

The captivating canvases are what originally brought the company to public attention, as the canvases are a mixture of painting and sewing, and true to the name, the captivating part comes from the designs used by Leduc. Many canvases feature different versions of the female form. The intimate designs certainly elicited the reactions Leduc was hoping for.

“I was so surprised!” said Leduc. “I couldn’t have imagined going out a bit with the designs would have garnered so much attention.” As she worked more intimate designs into her canvases, she almost immediately saw demand increase. Leduc hopes to help promote trust in people and help normalize sexuality by displaying certain adult themes in his paintings.

Throughout the year, Desirable Expressions exploded online. After working through the Digital Main Street program, Leduc was able to improve her online presence and revamp her online store. These digital enhancements, combined with a strong social media presence, have positioned her well to communicate with her customers.

With the help of the Starter Company PLUS grant, Desirable Expressions is looking to expand its product offerings by enhancing its design capabilities and beginning to offer new products such as digital prints, home decor, and a new line of brand clothes.

You can check out their website to learn more:

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