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Municipal Corporation of Lucknow

LUCKNOW: Development works such as construction of roads and drains, provision of drinking water facilities and installation of streetlights are stalled due to delay in approval of budget from Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) for 2022-23.
The LMC’s executive committee adopted the budget proposals on May 4. However, the money cannot be spent until the financial statements have been approved by the LMC Chamber. Usually the budget is approved in March, but this year it was delayed first because of Assembly polls and then because of the delay in the election of the executive committee. From now on, health reasons of certain key officers would delay the procedure.
Asked about the problems caused by the delay, the contractors said that even some of the projects already underway had been stopped for non-payment and new works could not be started because the business development fund of Rs 1.15 crore has not been unlocked.
Bashiratganj ward Corporal Amit Choudhary said, “The submersible pump in my area is not working properly as the water level has gone down. delays.”
Similarly, Mankameshwar Ward Corporal Rekh Roshni said, “The pipelines and allies in my neighborhood are broken. People come to my house with complaints every day and even threaten not to vote for me in elections.
The public does not understand the fact that the funds from the corporations have not yet arrived, she added.
“Construction works on two roads in my area have been stopped by the contractors due to non-payment. There is nothing we can do but hope for approval of funds soon,” said Rajesh Malviya , director of Rajajipuram.
Ayajurahman and Devendra Yadav, corporators of Garhi Peer Kha and Alambagh, respectively, cited similar issues. All corporators demand a speedy resolution from the House.
Officers said the proposals still need to be signed by the City Commissioner and the Mayor, and will then be tabled in the House.
Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia said, “We have requested deliberations on the proposed budget. The House will likely reconvene next week for final approval of the budget.


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