First disability-owned business credential outside the United States


A Wales-based company has become the first company outside the United States to be accredited as a Disability-Owned Business (DOBE) by Disability:IN, the global organization that promotes the inclusion of disabled people. people with disabilities and equality in business.

Swansea-based Delsion is an award-winning human resources and development consultancy that works with businesses to maximize opportunities to promote diversity and support inclusion.

It is now also the first organization outside of the US to gain accreditation as a DOBE through Disability:IN’s third-party supplier diversity program, opening up new opportunities for the Welsh and UK business markets.

As organizations seek to diversify their supply chains and the organizations they work with, DOBE accreditation paves the way for Delsion to work with globally recognized brands.

Disability:IN compiles the prestigious Disability Equality Index, which recognizes the achievements of nearly 400 global, large-scale companies dedicated to supporting disability, including through their supply chain.

Partner companies that participate in Disability:IN’s Supplier Diversity Program include Marriott, Microsoft, Sodexo, Walmart, and Wells Fargo, among others.

Delsion founder Julian John became disabled following a brain injury after a high profile career in human resources. Her experiences include having to relearn how to stand, walk and talk, long-term unemployment and homelessness.

He created Delsion to use his knowledge and experiences to support organizations and focus on the capabilities and benefits of having a diverse workforce, rather than the challenges and barriers.

Julian said of the Handicap: IN DOBE accreditation:

“I’m truly passionate about finding opportunities to support diverse entrepreneurship and business wherever possible, and I applied for this accreditation to help demonstrate best practices happening globally, as well as here in the UK.

“This accreditation shows how Delsion is able to compete on the global stage through the work we do to help organizations become more inclusive and promote diversity in general.”

“It’s also a great opportunity for UK companies to increase the diversity of their own supply chains through Delsion’s groundbreaking accreditation, and learn from it insights and insights into the UK market.” , Julian added.

“Our approach to helping organizations become more diverse and inclusive stems from our extensive experience of changing people and culture, and most importantly our lived experiences of disability and the very issues and barriers that diversity and inclusion activities address. To have such a recognized accreditation is a clear sign of the effectiveness of this approach for others considering working with us,” added Julian.

Disability:IN has a network of over 400 partners working together to expand opportunities for people with disabilities.

Delsion helps people and organizations reach their true potential through the delivery of training models, people-centered solutions and other development programs, created with the aim of promoting maximum inclusion at all times.

Its accreditation by Disability:IN as a DOBE available to provide these services to its business partners has undergone an extremely thorough audit process covering all areas of the business, and has also involved external ratification. of the company by a senior purchasing manager outside of Handicap. :IN.

Jill Houghton, President and CEO of Disability:IN, said:

“We are proud to extend our DOBE program to the UK, as we recognize the global economic impact that self-employment brings to people with disabilities. Delsion is a role model for disabled-owned businesses and now has the necessary third-party accreditation to offer its staff training programs to UK businesses seeking diverse suppliers.


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