Hackers hacked into the website of the Russian company United Aircraft Corporation Sukhoi


Hackers hacked the Russian United Aircraft Corporation Sukhoi site /></p>
<p>Illustrative Photo/Channel 24</p>
<p _ngcontent-sc83=The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Sukhoi website is down for a hacker attack. Earlier, it featured a post criticizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Currently, the resource is not working.

Russian media reports the Sukhoi Corporation site breaking, citing its CEO Yuri Slyusar.

He also declared his support for Putin’s criminal regime.

We support the president. We will respond to miserable stings with even more impactful work. Our task is to give wings to the country,
– said Slyusar.

What do we know about the Sukhoi society

PJSC Sukhoi Company “formerly AVPK Sukhoi, is a Russia-based company engaged in the development, production, marketing, aircrew training, after-sales services, including the supply of spare parts and equipment for combat aircraft and civilians of the Su and Be brands.

Recent hacker attacks against Russia

  • Anonymous hackers have discovered and published online an order from the Russian Ministry of Defense to prepare forgeries about the alleged mistreatment of Russian prisoners by the Ukrainian army.
  • The group broke propaganda television and stole 870 gigabytes of data.
  • Anonymous hacked into the server of the factory in Lipetsk, where the invaders manufacture spare parts for air defense systems.
  • Under attack, the charitable wing of the Russian Orthodox Church also entered. Hackers leaked 15 gigabytes of data.

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