How products from a coastal company help troops in Ukraine


A Sunshine Coast company has signed a $47.4 million contract with the Australian Defense Force to supply portable diesel generators.

Bells Creek-based Eniquest will locally manufacture 1,350 diesel generators that can be used in recovery and emergency, combat and defense operations.

The contract means 25 new jobs will be created in skilled trades and defense manufacturing on the coast.

Eniquest has in fact already produced the diesel generators that are used in Bushmaster’s “protected mobility vehicles”.

Some of these military vehicles are deployed in the war in Ukraine after a special request to the Australian Parliament by President Volodymr Zelensky.

Eniquest is a Sunshine Coast-based company that has become world famous for its energy equipment in the defence, mining and telecommunications sectors.

Fisher MP Andrew Wallace said the contract was another example of coastal manufacturers reaping the rewards of the federal government’s $270 billion defense procurement program.

The $47.4 million contract is part of a larger $89 million investment in ADF’s deployable infrastructure capability.

Don Pulver of Eniquest explains the business of the company to MP for Fisher Andrew.

Mr Wallace said he had worked for six years to boost defense manufacturing on the coast.

“I have worked hard to cultivate a local defense industry on the Sunshine Coast, particularly connecting local manufacturers to the federal government’s $270 billion strategy to boost our defense industry and sovereign capability,” said Mr Wallace.

“I want the Sunshine Coast to reap the benefits of this historic investment. If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it’s that we need a more diverse industrial base in our region to attract the kinds of high-skilled jobs this project is creating.

“What Eniquest founder Don Pulver has achieved here is a remarkable Australian-made achievement.

“We have a Sunshine Coast employer that provides vital technology to our defense force and industry, creating more skilled jobs for Sunshine Coast residents.

“Manufacturers like Eniquest demonstrate the high-tech capabilities of Sunshine Coast businesses, which will continue to grow as our region becomes a hub for similar businesses in the future.”

The ADF uses deployable infrastructure for a range of operations, including during conflict and disaster relief.

Government investment will include upgrades to power generation, sanitation and essential catering, as well as the acquisition of new kennels for military working dogs.

“This investment will significantly enhance capabilities and improve the ADF’s ability to rapidly deploy to a wide range of operations, as well as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts, both domestically and internationally. “, Defense Minister Peter Dutton said.

“We are committed to protecting our nation by equipping the ADF with modern capabilities to better meet future challenges.

“Sovereign defense manufacturing is an essential part of the government’s commitment to ensuring the security of our region, while protecting our national and strategic interests in a rapidly changing global environment.

Defense Industry Minister Melissa Price said the government was focused on supporting investment in Australian industry capabilities.

“Our contracts with Eniquest and Varley are critical to the delivery of these key systems to support our ADF,” said Minister Price.

“Acquiring and maintaining these systems will create important work for Australian businesses across the country.

“I am proud of the positive impacts that the investment of $89 million in the acquisition of Australia’s defense capability is bringing to Australian industry.

“This investment highlights the wide and varied support that Australian industry can provide and ensures the development of key industries in Australia in the future.”

Australian industry will contribute to the project management, systems engineering, fabrication, modification, technical documentation, logistics and training elements of the project, and local networks and distributors will be utilized for the supply of subsystems and components.


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