Jessica Alba’s Favorite Honest Company Products to Help You Look Well-Rested, Even When You’re Not


Jessica Alba joins Rach to discuss all of her favorite beauty products from The Honest Company that will help you look rested, even if you haven’t slept a full night. It’s a trio of products that will have you feeling like you’ve slept for 12 hours over the holidays, according to Jessica. And we believe it!

“No matter who you are, where you live or what your life is like, we all need more sleep. And the reality of the situation is not that we’re all going to look like we’re getting all the sleep. So, I and my team created these three products. This combination will make you look like you’ve slept everyone and instantly brighten your eyes in less than five minutes,” says Jessica.

Looking ready (and awake) for the day in less than five minutes? We need to get our hands on these products as soon as possible.

Tinted Eye Cream

It comes in two shades: terracotta and sandstone. “It’s super universal. It works on everyone. Even people who don’t wear makeup will love it,” Jessica says.

Honest Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream

Honest Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream

Flexible corrector

The next step in the process is this concealer. “It’s made with niacinamide and amazing oils. I always want to have makeup with skincare benefits so that over time when you wear the makeup you also get the skincare benefits. and look better over time,” says Jessica. “It’s very nourishing and hydrating.”

Honest Flex Concealer

2 in 1 primer and mascara

“It’s our bestseller. It’s the cult favorite,” says Jessica. Who doesn’t like a 2 in 1 situation.

Honest Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer

Honest Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer

Not only was Jessica thrilled to share these products with us, but she’s also celebrating 10 years of The Honest Company, which is amazing.

“As part of the 10th anniversary, we’re actually working with a nonprofit called Baby2Baby, and as a commitment to our 10th anniversary, we’ve pledged 10 million items that we’re giving away to families across the country,” says Jessica. How amazing!

“It’s great that you can build a business that does good for people and the planet. And if any of us were in that situation, we’d want people to reach out and help us, so it’s great. That’s exactly what we’re going through,” says Jessica.


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