Kellogg’s strikers call for boycott of company products in US


SOME Kellogg workers in the US state of Michigan are calling for a boycott of the multinational company’s products as their two-month strike over a contract dispute continues.

The call comes days after bosses announced they would fire some of the 1,400 people involved in the collective action as talks with the International Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Millers Union, which represents the workers, were at a standstill.

Union negotiators said they were ready to meet with the company for another round of negotiations next week, but their offer was rejected by bosses, who said they had no choice but to definitively replace the strikers.

In an open letter on Saturday, the wife of one of the strikers called on the public to support her plight, including a boycott of Kellogg products throughout the conflict.

“It’s more important than Frosted Flakes,” she said, adding, “We have learned so much about the corporate greed monster and how it threatens the middle class with propaganda, lies. outright and scary tactics.

“All of this to say, please don’t buy any product made by the Kellogg’s company until they’ve come to terms with the union who, despite what you hear the company say in the media, don’t asks for nothing more than what he needs. to support job expectations, what they are owed for their skills and what it will take to secure those things for the next generation, ”the letter continued.

While the call for a boycott is not officially supported by the union, some of its members support the action.

Workers resigned on October 5 over a dispute over a two-tier system and plan to implement a new contract that worsens terms and conditions, including cuts to pensions and annual leave.

The Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies maker made $ 1.25 billion (£ 0.94 billion) in profit last year as sales rose 8%. Chief Executive Steven Cahillane received a payment of $ 11.6million (£ 8.69million) in 2020 as part of a share buyback program.


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