Local markets selling the frozen burrito delivery business’s products


Frozen burrito delivery company Sous Casa’s products can be found in freezers at half a dozen small grocery stores. (Photos courtesy of Sous Casa)

About a year after its launch, a local frozen burrito delivery business hit retail shelves.

Sous Casa’s food is now in freezers in half a dozen small markets, mostly in Richmond.

Co-owner Anj McClain said the move comes in response to different market openings, as well as a desire for a less time-consuming and cost-effective source of income than door-to-door delivery.

“I think financially speaking it makes a lot of sense that our company is going into the markets,” McClain said this week. “We’ve had a lot of requests for this.

Yellow Umbrella Provisions in the West End, Strawberry Street Market in the Fan, and Scott’s Market in Scott’s Addition are some of the markets that currently sell Sous Casa products.

Anj McClain, co-owner of Sous Casa.

Retail sales began in October at Outpost Richmond in Forest Hill. A small Lancaster County grocery store also offers Sous Casa foods, which mainly include burritos and bowls ranging from around $ 4 to $ 5.

The company plans to continue offering door-to-door delivery as it expands its retail presence.

Currently, only vegetarian and vegan offerings are available for retail sale, as Sous Casa works with the necessary government approvals to sell meat products at retail.

This means a non-shared kitchen, and the company is looking for additional space beyond its current facility at Hatch, a food and drink incubator in Manchester.

The company is keen to find kitchen space at Hatch to complement its existing operations there, although it is also open to commercial space elsewhere, McClain said.

“If we want to market meat products, that requires a certain kitchen. If Hatch doesn’t have that, it’s something we’re looking for, ”she said.

Sous Casa co-owner and co-founder Jim Hamilton.

The company makes more than 600 deliveries per month, McClain said. Its main territory is the city, as well as the counties of Henrico and Chesterfield. Sometimes it goes further in places like Ashland and Charlottesville.

“Demand has continued to increase and sales have continued to increase for us,” said McClain.

Sous Casa was started in the midst of the pandemic last year by Jim Hamilton, a chef who has worked at local restaurants like Kuba Kuba and Millie’s and as a chef for musical groups like Phish.

In addition to an anonymous co-founder, McClain joined as a co-owner in January with experience in nonprofit organizations.

Sous Casa regularly donates food to local nonprofits, and McClain contacted the company early in its existence to help them find nonprofits to support.


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