Local princess business nominated for UK business awards


Women-owned entertainment company GP Princess Appearances has been nominated for a UK business award.

Doncaster-based GP Princess Appearances have been providing quality character entertainment for parties and other events across Yorkshire for seven years.

The company’s 29-year-old director, Georgina Alice Pearman, has run the business from start to finish.

‘Cinderella’ is getting ready for a birthday party!

They have now been nominated for prestigious British business awards.

Georgina said: “I was shocked to see that we were nominated after such a tough few years.

“I started on my own and now we have a full team of interpreters. Our business is constantly growing and we are very proud of this achievement.

During the pandemic, GP Princess Appearances could only offer very limited services as face-to-face contact was not permitted.

The company ran into financial difficulties, and Georgina nearly gave up the office due to a lack of funding.

However, they are now in a better position than ever, booking parties every weekend.

They offer over 50 different themes and packages to suit every party’s needs.

Georgina said, “We’ve already been nominated for Best Party Supplier at the mumbler awards three times and were lucky enough to win twice.”

Artists ‘Elsa and Anna’ at GP Princess Appearances

They have submitted all trade details and are now awaiting final details as to when the awards will be presented.

Sophie Lomas, a 23-year-old performer with the company, said: “The work itself at Princess GP appearances is amazing on its own, but Georgina is just an exceptional boss.

She is ambitious, professional but also a friend to everyone and this is reflected in the company’s service”

Sophie has been with the company for nearly four years and she can’t wait to see what happens next.

They have rave reviews about their Facebook pagewith a relative saying she would recommend the company to anyone looking for great service from start to finish.

Georgina said she enjoys building a special relationship with the families she works with and watching the children grow year after year.

Looking ahead for Princess GP appearances, she said: “I would like to expand our services and offer bigger and better enterprise packages while securing bigger contracts.


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