Making FRCS a Commercial Enterprise


The Fiji Revenue and Customs Service must be established as a business and commercial enterprise, says the Fiji Institute of Accountants (FIA).

In its submission of the 2021-2022 national budget, the FIA ​​said the review should be done on a “business-like, cost-benefit approach”.

“Inefficiencies in business and IT processes as well as the time spent by staff resolving issues are all costs to businesses,” the FIA ​​said.

“FRCS must work with other regulators such as Investment Fiji and other government departments on approved projects by proactively reaching out to these taxpayers and finding solutions to ensure projects are not blocked.”

The FIA ​​said the FRCS profiling of taxpayers should aim to provide greater flexibility to taxpayers.

“The FIA ​​recognizes and commends the FRCS for introducing a taxpayer profiling process for compliance purposes.

“However, the FIA ​​suggests that this process be further developed and shared with taxpayers to promote transparency and positive working relationships.”

The FIA ​​said the FRCS should update its records for corporate taxpayers directly with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

“The current FRCS database is not automatically updated in the event of a change of direction, which is registered with the ROC.

“As a result, applications for tax compliance certificates are unnecessarily delayed due to non-compliance or unpaid tax by former directors.”

The FIA ​​said the FRCS should set up a toll-free line to save on communication costs for investors and companies when seeking advice.


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