Mom starts a new business


WHEN she’s not studying her master’s degree in design, working as a part-time print technician, or caring for her daughter who underwent a life-saving liver transplant, Lesley-Anne Pace is also starting her own business .

And to help balance her busy life, mum Lesley-Anne turned to the University of Sunderland to help launch her new business, The Angel Press, drawing on her design skills to create luxury letterpress stationery.

The university’s digital incubator helps students and graduates with digital skills explore the possibility of working for themselves as freelancers.

“The digital incubator has been a fantastic support, helping me organize all the paperwork, from tax and pricing to social media, everything I don’t want to do as a creative,” Ms Pace said. , 47, of Low Fell, Gatehead.

“I didn’t even know where to start and kept postponing those jobs, but the digital incubator motivated me to keep all those things in order. Being part of a community and having a support network has also been great and certainly helped me with everything I need to do.

His life has been a whirlwind since the birth of his daughter Phoebe 11 years ago.

Two weeks before her second birthday, the mother noticed that Phoebe’s skin looked yellow while they were swimming.

After a visit to the GP, Phoebe was referred to Leeds General Infirmary where tests were carried out and doctors said the little girl was suffering from massive liver failure and needed an urgent transplant in the 48 hours.

Since her transplant, Phoebe has been taking medication every 12 hours and undergoing regular checkups every three months, but that certainly hasn’t held her back and she has since won three gold medals for the swimming events at the Games. World Transplants in 2019.

The dramatic life changes also caused her to reassess what was important to her, and after years of moving into clerical and administrative jobs, recruiting, real estate agent, working as a forklift driver for The Royal Mail, she decided to follow her. childhood passion for design and began studying a degree in Textile and Surface Design at the Northern School of Art in Teesside.

After graduating in 2018, she was then offered a part-time job as a print technician on the same track, helping the students she cared for achieve their own ambitions.

Always eager to further develop her skills, she decided to pursue a Masters in Design at Sunderland, to further develop her techniques in areas such as graphic design, printing and linocut.

“I wanted to go to art school when I was 16, but my parents told me there weren’t many art jobs back then, and suggested to do secretarial work, so after many years of doing all sorts of roles, I am now fulfilling my ambitions,” Ms Pace said.

She added: “Sunderland gave me new direction and inspiration, and were incredibly flexible and open to what you wanted it to be and that was appealing. The idea of ​​starting The Angel Press was to use my skills to earn an income, while working part-time.”


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