Morning Sickness-Free Pregnancy without Medicines “Is It Feasible?

Morning Sickness-Free Pregnancy without Medicines “Is It Feasible?

By admin 0 Comment August 15, 2019

Oh, the wonders of parenthood! While carrying a child can be one of the most fantastic stages in any woman’s life, it may also be one of the toughest “especially when you’re having your dose of that nasty Pregnancy symptom known as “morning sickness”!

Hence what are you able to do about it? You cannot just pop in a tablet or 2 for it may negatively influence your condition, right? Fortunately , there are a lot of natural methods to ease the common discomforts morning sickness brings and to help your body. These are some tips that can help you feel better without using medicines.

Understanding Queasiness or Morning Sickness

According to, more than half of all pregnant women suffer from revulsion or early morning nausea starting on the 6th week of their pregnancy. This condition typically lasts across the entire first semester but in a few cases, the condition may even endure up to the second trimester of pregnancy. And while the term implies that it usually happen during the day, morning sickness can actually strike any time “and can even last all day long.

While a lot of pregnant ladies only have a mild case of morning sickness, a few (about 1% of all pregnancies) are sufficiently unlucky to be troubled with more terrible nausea. In this type of case, dehydration, weight loss, alkalosis (a condition whereby the hydrogen ion concentration in the blood plasma is seriously reduced) and hypokalemia (a condition wherein the potassium levels in the blood gets dangerously low) may develop as a result of the condition.

Natural Cures for Morning Sickness

To alleviate morning sickness without using medications, you should:

– Eat smaller meals. Rather than eating 3 big meals, you need to try to eat 1 or 2 lighter meals during the day. Make sure your stomach never gets completely empty.
– Keep yourself hydrated during the day. Studies suggest that girls who drink a pitcher of water each hour feel less nauseated.
– Avoid extremely salted and fatty foods. They are tougher to digest and may further be irritating to your digestive tract.
– Avoid foods with powerful odors (garlic, coffee and beef, among others). These may trigger your nausea.
– Try deep breathing and other relaxation methods.
– Go for long, leisurely walks to enhance your circulation and settle your nausea.

You can try the following alternative cures to alleviate morning sickness:

– Try ginger. You can take 250 mg ginger capsules three times in the daytime (one with every meal) or drink fresh ginger tea when you feel dizzy.
– Increase your consumption of vitamin B supplements. Research proves that taking 25 mg of vitamin B three times each day for a few days can significantly reduce pregnancy-induced revulsion and barfing.
– Go for red raspberry leaf tea. Evidence shows that taking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy can relieve plenty of pregnancy-related symptoms like nausea. But pros advise against taking it if you’re at a risk for miscarriage and during the later parts of your pregnancy since it may prompt uterine contractions.
– Explore the power of chamomile, lemon relief, and peppermint. These herbal teas can also help you get your morning sickness in hand. While some of the fundamental oils in these herbs aren’t endorsed during pregnancy, their levels are so low it’s basically safe to use them to relieve your symptoms. If doubtful, consult your doctor about it.
– Chew on some fennel or anise seeds. These spices are demonstrated to be effective in relaxing pregnancy-induced queasiness. For most satisfactory results, take one spoon of fennel or anise seeds per day.
– Use sea bands on either wrist to apply pressure on your Nei Kuan acupressure points. This has been scientifically proven to alleviate revulsion without any negative complications.
– Dissolve your bathwater with grapefruit, lime, mandarin or orange aromatherapy oils.

There are lots of ways by which you can avoid or keep your morning sickness in hand. Try following these tips and shortly you will be enjoying a morning sickness-Free pregnancy! Always remember to make certain you talk to your doctor regularly in this important period.