My Medical Shop: A Pioneering Business Organization Taking Indian Healthcare to New Heights


MyMedicalShop is a unique company that offers services such as online pharmacy, home lab tests and online medical consultation.

“We officially launched My Medical Shop on November 10, 2021, and our goal is to bring affordable health and wellness care to every home across India and provide better service to our nation at affordable rates. Our main goal is to increase the number of people we serve. We also have other services such as online medical consultation and home lab tests. I believe this will greatly help in achieving a greater number of people. We are working to improve the patient experience in a variety of areas, most notably improving delivery times, seamless medication ordering experience, and improving product availability in the health and wellness categories. -to be “says Rajarajan Dhanasekaran, director of MyMedicalShop.

Why My Medical Boutique?

1. Improved Accessibility- Through the use of technology and access to inventory from various vendors, MyMedicalShop provides a large number of products and makes hard-to-find medications available to consumers across the country. Retail pharmacies can only keep a limited inventory, which forces the consumer to go to several stores to obtain the drugs. Additionally, MyMedicalShop provides access to rural areas where the presence of retail pharmacies is limited. It allows the consumer to choose from a wide range of affordable generic equivalents for a particular brand name drug that is not possible in the current offline model.

2. Cost advantage- MyMedicalShop offers authentic medicines at the best price available on the market.

3. Improved compliance and patient education – Provide consumer information, such as drug interactions, compositions, and information on cheaper substitutes. This allows the consumer to improve their knowledge and compliance.

4. Express Delivery – delivery of drugs within 2 days to customers.

5. No marketplace- The drugs that are shipped to customers come from their own warehouse, which guarantees the authenticity of the drugs.

6. Ease of purchase – Customers can complete the entire purchase on and mobile app in as little as 1 minute. All drugs purchased are stored digitally, making it easy to track the supply chain, reducing the risk of counterfeit drugs, drug abuse, and self-medication.

Upcoming features in Mymedicalshop!!

  • Links to hospitals, stand-alone clinics and individual consultants for doctor’s appointments
  • Drug subscription for automatic periodic delivery.
  • Establish more warehouses all over India for faster delivery.

Dhanasekaran Mahalingam, Founder and Director, MyMedicalShop

Dhanasekaran is the mastermind behind MyMedicalshop. He is a successful entrepreneur who currently runs an educational institution called Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital. Under his leadership, MyMedicalShop has carved out a place for itself in the industry.

Rajarajan Dhanasekaran, CEO and Director, MyMedicalShop

Rajarajan studied Computer Systems Engineering with Business Management at the University of Birmingham in the UK. Next, he became CEO of Indbazaar, an omnichannel grocery chain launched in 2016. Later, he joined as CEO of MyMedicalShop. With his experience and knowledge in the e-commerce industry, he is working to make MyMedicalShop a great online pharmacy among consumers.

Dr. NilaPriyadharshini Dhanasekaran, COO and Director, MyMedicalShop

Dr. NilaPriyadharshini has completed MBBS from Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research. After that, she joined as COO in MyMedicalShop to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. She strives to bring health and wellness care to every home across India.

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