NALEJ Corporation and CakeBoxx Technologies Announce Comprehensive Strategic Technology Partnership


Hyperscale Edge Deep technology, software, hybrid cloud services and systems leader NALEJ Corporation and supply chain systems engineering leader CakeBoxx Technologies announced a partnership to revolutionize transportation, logistics and the delivery of high-value, high-consequence cargo autonomous systems for the aerospace, defense, energy and telecommunications industries.

MCLEAN, Va., October 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NALEJ Corporation and CakeBoxx Technologies have formed a multi-year strategic partnership to co-architect, co-develop, build, deploy and operate “NALEJBoxx Smart Container Systems” for customers and partners in the aerospace, energy (oil, gas, renewables and wind), autonomous systems, telecommunications, Internet, satellite link, advanced data center, tower systems, interconnection services, transportation, shipping and logistics.

In 2022, the TEU and FEU shipping container has become the most prolific and widely distributed operational “edge” logistics capability in the world. NALEJ Corporation and CakeBoxx Technologies’ “Smart Container System” architecture combines hybrid cloud software, services and systems to provide secure, open, scalable, dynamic and programmable solutions based on increasingly complex requirements and demanding global, national and local logistics environments. in which they operate. The Smart Container System is uniquely resilient and interoperable with standard, legacy and non-legacy logistics software and hybrid cloud services and systems, enabling customers and partners to operate dynamically and securely in real time, at scale, anywhere, anytime.

“Today the shipping container is just a ‘box’. Tomorrow it will be an intelligent, software-defined, dynamic and programmable network node of ‘intelligent container system'”, said Stephen ReadFounder and CEO of NALEJ Corporation.

Daine EisoldFounder and CEO of CakeBoxx Technologies, commented, “I have always envisioned the evolution of the container to include dynamic capacity, with enhanced security and assurance. In partnership with NALEJ, we will enable operators and partners to optimize the performance of their global, national and international logistics networks. Stephen and I strongly believe that together we have created the essential elements of “intermodal v2.0”. We are calling tomorrow’s TEU and FEU smart container system “NALEJBoxx”. It will enable networks and critical infrastructure ecosystems for carriers and 3PL partners.”

NALEJ Company

NALEJ Corporation is the developer of the NALEJ Mosaic OS/Platform enabler of hybrid cloud software, services and systems. The NALEJ Mosaic operating system/platform is an American open source “Edge Optimized” enterprise service bus (E/ESB), designed, developed and operationalized at scale in accordance with US Federal and DOD MOSA baseline requirements , US MIL and US DOD specifications (c) ATO Policies, Requirements and Certifications. NALEJ Mosaic operating system/platform and tools enable IT/OT teams, operators, developers and analysts to integrate and interoperate heterogeneous distributed resources, and dynamically leverage open services software-defined composables, cloud-to-edge, edge-to-cloud (C2E/E2C) to enable secure, high-performance, intelligent, and programmable edge workloads and effects.

NALEJ Corporation is an SBIR, Prime US Defense Contractor, serving the US DOD and its strategic partners in the Americas and coalition countries.

CakeBoxx Technologies

CakeBoxx Technologies is a global provider of supply chain systems engineering and transportation systems integration solutions. The company designs, engineers and builds containers and freight shipping platforms to help organizations manage risk, increase resilience, reduce total cost of ownership and increase speed for global markets. freight forwarding and specialized manufacturing.

CakeBoxx® “two-piece” containers with their deck and lid design, are the industry’s first innovation to offer truly safe, secure and efficient containerized transportation for the top-loading, side-loading cargo markets. , bulk and general project .

Benefits of CakeBoxx solutions include increased operational efficiency, reduced risk of cargo theft, increased durability and resilience, and reduced operating costs. CakeBoxx Technologies offers these containers in a product range of sizes and specifications to meet individual customer needs.

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