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PLATTSBURGH, NY, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NasoNeb®, Inc. is proud to announce its integration with Monaghan Medical Corporation (“Monaghan Medical”) in Plattsburgh, New York. Monaghan Medical is a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of medical devices that improve the quality of life for patients with lower respiratory diseases, such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD. NasoNeb®, Inc. can now expect operational and shipping efficiencies that will contribute to the growth of the NasoNeb® intranasal drug delivery system and nasal care solutions product line.

The NasoNeb® product line was acquired in 2018 from MedInvent, Inc. by NasoNeb, Inc., a member of the Trudell Medical Group. Since its initial development and commercialization in 2009, the NasoNeb® product line continues to gain acceptance as an innovative and effective intranasal drug delivery system. The NasoNeb® product line was designed with healthcare professionals in mind. Guided by a commitment to safe, effective and accessible sinus relief, the NasoNeb® product line continues to develop with input from the physician community and with the goal of bringing innovative intranasal drug delivery systems to clinical quality in the hands of patients nationwide.

“The need to increase manufacturing capacity, while maintaining a superior customer experience, is critical to the growth of NasoNeb®’s intranasal delivery business. Monaghan Medical’s new state-of-the-art facility and exemplary operating and customer service track record is a perfect complement to enable the growth of the NasoNeb® product line and experience,” said Anita Sutton, Managing Director of NasoNeb® Nasal Delivery Systems Division. “We remain committed to creating new pathways for patients to access the relief they need and we look forward to this next stage of growth.”

“Our commitment to providing continuous innovation to improve the lives of patients with asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD is further amplified with the addition of NasoNeb® solutions for the upper respiratory tract and the additional attention given to populations of sinus and rhinitis patients,” said Gerald Slemko, president. of Monaghan Medical Corporation. “We look forward to having the full support of Monaghan Medical’s strong operational infrastructure to bring NasoNeb® products to more patients than ever before.” »

With New Support from Monaghan Medical, NasoNeb® Nasal Delivery Systems (NDS) Division Looks Forward to Expanding Intranasal Delivery Systems Business, Strengthening Pharma Partner Network and Relationships with Physicians and Medical Organizations , while reaping the benefits of strong operational support to stay competitive in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

About NasoNeb® Nasal Delivery Systems (NDS) Division

NasoNeb® NDS is engaged in the development, manufacture and worldwide sale of intranasal drug delivery systems. The flagship product, NasoNeb® Sinus Therapy System, is a motorized nasal nebulizer that aerosolizes solutions for delivery into the nasal and paranasal cavities to provide relief to patients with sinuses, rhinitis and nasal polyps. The NasoNeb® NDS Division is committed to working with physicians, hospitals and patients around the world to break down barriers to wellness and help people feel better and breathe easier.

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About Monaghan Medical Corporation (MMC, USA)

Monaghan Medical Corporation and its subsidiaries are world leaders in the development and manufacture of innovative, high quality, patient-focused aerosol drug delivery devices and respiratory management products, including the AEROCHAMBER® brand of chambers. retainers, the OPEC device brand AEROBIKA® and the nebulizer brand AEROECLIPSE®. With the support of a state-of-the-art aerosol research laboratory, our mission is to provide patients and caregivers, as well as major pharmaceutical companies engaged in respiratory medicine throughout the world, with the most most advanced, most therapeutic and most cost-effective. product solutions available.

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