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Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation will expand the scope of waste classification

Sant Gadgebaba Swachhta Abhiyaan on a large scale in Maharashtra, a former chief minister himself. RR Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has won the Cleanest City in Maharashtra award for 3 consecutive years in the competition implemented from Patil’s concept. After this honor, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation started preparations to increase the scope of waste classification. Along with the cleanliness of the city, the municipality has placed more emphasis on sorting waste. Municipal Commissioner Abhijit Bangar has taken the decision to expand the scope of waste classification in the municipality while punitive measures are taken against companies that fail to classify waste despite repeated instructions. Accordingly, the scope of waste classification will be expanded. In the next tender for collection and transport, the municipality intends to expand the scope of waste classification and separate the different types of waste.

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It is mandatory to separate wet and dry waste

In the city, the implementation of household hazardous waste classification such as wet and dry waste classification is made stricter. In the new process, alongside the classification of wet, dry and hazardous waste, waste will be collected by classifying plastic, wood, glass and metal. In this regard, the municipality is planning and, in collaboration with the local organization All India Self-Government, preparations have been initiated for the preparation of a project report for the transportation and collection of waste from the municipality. Along with the beautification of the city, improvements to complement the surroundings will be made in the city of Navi Mumbai. After a two-year Corona period, the municipality has made the separation of wet and dry waste mandatory with ‘Zero waste on the road’ in mind. In the future, there will be more scope in waste transportation and collection work. On the one hand, the municipality has started issuing notices to many companies that do not separate wet and dry waste. The planning of the municipal waste sorting commissioners receives a good response from the citizens of urban areas.

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Good response from the municipality regarding garbage collection

Along with urban areas, on the other hand, the municipality is getting a good response regarding waste collection from indigenous villages and the scope of waste collection is going to be increased with the help of many technologies and latest while launching tenders for new waste collection transport. Although dissatisfaction has been expressed with the classification of waste in the thana areas of the villages, the municipality has made it compulsory to sort household hazardous waste and punitive measures are being taken. The municipality insists that wet and dry waste be sorted.

Criminal action against waste sorting companies

Companies that will not sort waste. Punitive measures will be taken against these companies. In the city of Navi Mumbai, large waste haul vehicles for waste collection now have household hazardous waste facilities and citizens have to collect such hazardous waste separately. Also, in addition to large companies, other small companies have also resorted to the collection of hazardous waste in small paper bags. But now the municipality has decided to classify 5 different types of waste with wet, dry and hazardous waste. A fine of Rs. 250 will be levied on the company for which waste will not be sorted in the company.

In the future, the scope of waste classification will expand

Measures will also be taken against those who do not classify hazardous household waste. The city administration called on the city’s citizens to observe self-discipline and sort hazardous waste only after classifying the waste. As Navi Mumbai’s performance in Swachh Abhiyan is honored at state and national level, it has become imperative for citizens to separate wet and dry waste and household hazardous waste. Companies that do not classify hazardous waste will also receive notices and criminal proceedings will be taken against them. On the other hand, it is necessary to get accustomed to the classification of household hazardous waste among the citizens while there is a large amount of waste sorting in the urban areas of Navi Mumbai. Citizens are also taking steps regarding self-discipline of hazardous waste collection. Now the scope of waste classification will increase in the future.

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Major changes in transport and waste collection

There will be major changes in waste transportation and collection, which was done by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation 7 years ago. The scope of waste classification will be expanded and there will be many types of waste classification as well as the collection of wet, dry and hazardous waste. Hence, Commissioner of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Abhijit Bangar, informed that many updated items will be included in the new tender for garbage collection and transportation.


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