NIO adjusts the organization structure of companies in Europe – Pandaily


Sina Tech reported Wednesday that it learned from people familiar with the matter that NIO had published an announcement to put order in the organization of its commercial development in Europe.

Chen Chen, head of European business development, and the other general managers of the company’s European divisions would report directly to Qin Lihong, co-founder and chairman of NIO..

According to NIO, the former Tier 1 – Global Business Development department has been renamed European Business Development and will continue to be headed by Chen Chen, who will report to Qin Lihong. The renamed department has a new sub-department including the European User Operations Department and the European User Development Department, both of which will report to Chen Chen.

Chen Chen previously reported to Feng Wei, CFO of NIO. An insider said the company recognizes Feng Wei’s early development efforts in Europe. The company has gone so far as to say that it views his work as an “outstanding contribution” to the company as a whole. Sina Tech has confirmed the above news with the company.

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NIO has established R&D, design, production and sales facilities in 13 cities, including San Jose (USA), Munich (Germany), London (UK) and Hefei (China). According to company releases, after Norway, NIO will operate this year in four other countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.


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