‘Outsider’ votes at ‘All Booths’ in Ward 31 in Bidhannagar as voting begins in 4 areas


Polling for Bidhannagar, Asansol, Siliguri and Chandannagar municipalities in West Bengal remained “more or less peaceful”, with an average turnout of 12.9% recorded until 9 a.m. on Saturday, said an official. at four civic bodies began at 7 a.m.

“The vote is taking place in a calm environment. No incidents of violence were reported. We have taken note of some disturbances in these municipal areas where foreigners have been found in the queue of voters,” the senior official of the West Bengal State Election Commission said. A turnout of 12.73% was recorded in Siliguri during the first two hours of polling, the percentage in Chandannagar, Bidhannagar and Asansol were 11.62, 13.65 and 13.60 respectively, it said. he declares.

Elaborate security arrangements were made by the police in the four municipal areas located in different parts of the state for the peaceful conduct of the elections, he said. Foreigners were detected in voter queues in two wards in Bidhangar and one in Siliguri, the official said. “Police have arrested BJP candidates Subhasish Das and Biswajit Mondal in the North Bengal city for their alleged involvement in creating trouble outside the voting booths,” the state election commission official said. .

There are 120 aspirants for 33 wards in Chandannagar and 430 candidates are vying in 106 wards in Asansol. In 2015, the Left Front won the Siliguri civic body election, while the other three municipal corporations were secured by the TMC.

Bengal Municipal Corporation Poll Updates

• The BJP alleged that booths 50,51,52,53 in Asansol neighborhood no. 4 were captured by “TMC morons” despite police intervention.

• The percentages of the polls at 9 am – 13.44% in AMC, 13.69% in BMC, 11.19% in CMC and 12.62% in SMC.

• BJP leader Samik Bhattacharya voted at Apeejay School in Bidhannagar. “In Ward No. 31, our candidate caught 2 voters. Lots of foreigners there, people who vote by proxy. BJP contesting against 3 forces – TMC thugs, EC & WB Police-Admn,” he said.

• The BJP alleged that TMC was distributing “thugs” in Ward No. 4 of Asansol. “All stalls at the Jamuria booth were captured by TMC goons. About 200 such elements surrounded the booths and BJP poll workers were chased out of the booths,” the saffron party said.

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