Pro-small business organization backs Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner


The Legislator holds a 90% rating with the National Business Group.

One of the largest business groups in the country now backs the Republican at Wilton Simpson candidacy for the post of Commissioner for Agriculture.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses approves the President of the Senate. The group cited the Trilby legislator’s long history working in agriculture and his advocacy in the Legislative Assembly.

“Agriculture is one of Florida’s most essential industries,” said NFIB state director Bill Herr said.

“In addition to regulating the state’s agricultural resources, the commissioner oversees everything from the sale of fuels to auto repair shops, moving companies and pest control. The Commissioner of Agriculture is one of the most powerful and important positions in state government, which is why we need to elect a strong leader like Wilton Simpson.

The political agendas of the NFIB and Simpson have long been aligned, as evidenced by the group’s legislative ballot scores.

“Wilton Simpson is chairman of the state senate, where he earned an NFIB voting record of 90%, supporting the position of small businesses on a host of issues from civil liability to abolishing the old Commission review of the state constitution,” Herrle added.

“Wilton Simpson has shown us time and time again that he understands the issues facing job creators in Florida and that he will do whatever he can to ensure that our small independent businesses can continue to grow and to create jobs. That’s why the NFIB Florida PAC has chosen to endorse Wilton Simpson as the state’s next commissioner of agriculture.

simpsons seems to succeed Agriculture Commissioner Fried Nikki, a Democrat this year running for governor. This gives Simpson the opportunity to flip red the only statewide political office currently held by a Democrat. It also enjoys the support of major state affairs groups, including the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

He faces James Shaw in the Republican primary on August 23. He has major conservative endorsements already lined up, including from the NRA, the former president donald trump and govt. Ron DeSantis.

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