Railway Corporation: Why the Lagos-Ibadan train stopped abruptly


The Nigerian Railways Corporation (NRC) on Friday clarified that the Lagos-Ibadan train which came to a sudden stop on Thursday did not run out of fuel as it was insinuated.

The company, in a statement in response to the trending video of the broken down train, explained that it was the fuel gauge that had a problem which was fixed within an hour, saying passengers were not stranded as one claims so.

Daily Trust reports that video released on social media on Thursday showed NRC officials refueling the train heading to Ibadan from Lagos.

But NRC spokesman Yakub Mahmud, while apologizing for the interruption in its operation, called on passengers to continue to trust the company.

The statement read: ‘First and foremost, we would like to apologize unreservedly for the disruption to our operations which has led to the extension of our travel schedule for said train.

“We also appreciate the feedback we receive frequently from our esteemed passengers as well as the constructive feedback from the public domain which is all geared towards providing efficient service to our esteemed passengers.

“However, the management of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) here categorically states that the failure of the locomotive was due to a technical failure of the fuel system, but is not due to insufficient fuel like the big public was led to believe it.

“There is more than enough fuel for the convenient and quick journey from Ibadan to Lagos in the same tank of locomotive fuel, but in order to be proactive our staff immediately stock up on fuel under the suspicion that it was a fuel shortage that was later discovered to be a technical fault in the refueling system, not insufficient fuel.

“In the meantime, we also appeal to the general public, especially our esteemed passengers and our many admirers of the modern railway project, to continue to have good luck in our operations as this is the surest way that will motivate us to better serve you.

“Again, please accept our unreserved apologies for the inconvenience caused by this sudden and unforeseen breakdown of the Ibadan to Lagos Standard Gauge passenger train on Thursday 10th March 2022.”


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