Rocky Mountain Soap Company products recalled for ‘microbial contamination’


Health Canada says it is monitoring a voluntary recall of two products sold by a Canmore-based company for what it says is “potential microbial contamination.”

The agency released details of the recall on Thursday. its public websitestating that the company is taking steps to ensure that customers who have purchased two Broadspectrum sunscreen products related to the issue are notified.

The recall affects all lots of Vanilla Coconut SPF 15 Lip Butter Sticks (Model Number: NPN 80068447) and Face & Body Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Lotion SPF 31 (Model Number NPN 80068064).

Health Canada states that the microbial/aerobic microbial content may be “out of specification” in the affected products.

He advises consumers to immediately stop using the recalled products and to contact your doctor if you have recently used them and have any medical conditions.

They should also find another sunscreen and use it as directed on the product label.

“Health Canada strongly encourages the use of sunscreens to protect against harmful UV rays and provides general sun safety advice as well as safety tips for parents,” the agency said.

In a statement to CTV News on Friday, the Rocky Mountain Soap Company said it is cooperating fully with a review that will lead to recommendations to improve its manufacturing practices.

“Based on our external testing, the highest microbe count identified in any of our sunscreen products was approximately five percent of the maximum allowed by Health Canada,” said Lisa Scopelleti, Vice President of growth at Rocky Mountain Soap in an email. “We will continue to analyze and test these products in an effort to resolve Health Canada’s concerns and meet the high expectations of our customers.”

She says there have been no adverse reactions as a result of the recalled products and anyone wishing to return their products will receive a full refund.

“The safety and quality of our products is our first priority, and we are committed to addressing this issue as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.”

Meanwhile, Health Canada says if any further safety issues are identified as a result of this recall, it will take action and notify Canadians.


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