The Rotary Club of Belmont learn more about the business organization


A Huntersville entrepreneur recently presented a program to the Rotary Club of Belmont to help businesses get organized and de-clutter.

Kim Wilhelm recently introduced Rotary Club members to her personal organizing slogan, “Clear the clutter, clear your mind.”

Wilhelm has created a paper management, organization, and decluttering service she calls “File the Pile.” It helps businesses and individuals organize years of paper, documents and digital records.

The Rotary Club, a humanitarian service organization that brings together business leaders and professionals, has become one of the oldest and largest international service organizations.

Rotary Club members shared in a statement how Wilhelm typically begins to organize by separating mounds of materials into bins often labeled either save, shred or recycle.

“While the organization gives me a significant sense of personal accomplishment, I also find rewarding satisfaction in seeing the benefits it brings to clients,” Wilhelm said.

“I am able to complete projects that I enjoy, while helping clients live their best life by having the time and energy to focus on what matters most to them,” she added.

Ted Hall is a member of the Rotary Club of Belmont.


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