Western Legacy Development Corporation receives positive response from town hall meetings


JULY 19, 2022:

The Western Legacy Development Corporation CEO says he received a warm welcome at recent town hall meetings in Wall (June 30, 2022) and Rapid City (July 11, 2022).

Megan Kingsbury says they provided an update on the company’s proposed packaging facility project that will be located in the Rapid City area and answered questions from stakeholders. She says the open days have been a great way to get feedback from all stakeholders and refine the project, so they will be holding more open days for the public throughout the year. .

A panel of industry experts had the opportunity to discuss with attendees about:

  • how food security is necessary for national security;
  • how this packing facility will keep US bison and cattle producers safe;
  • how the owners of Western Legacy believe it is their privilege to work with tribal leaders on the reintroduction and transformation of bison to provide spiritual renewal and physical nourishment to the tribes;
  • how Western Legacy values ​​environmental protection;
  • how business owners and investors believe it is a moral obligation to create secure, well-paying jobs for all legal citizens of the United States;
  • and how they think the facility will be a good neighbor to the community.

The panel of industry experts responding to questions were:

  • Megan Kingsbury, CEO of Western Legacy Development Corporation,
  • Curtis Harper, COO of Western Legacy Development Corporation,
  • Troy Heinert, executive director of the InterTribal Buffalo Council and state senator,
  • Kyle Treloar, vice president of Dream Design International,
  • Dale Bednarek, CEO of Famers Union Industries, and
  • James Halverson, executive director of the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association.

Kingsbury said that as Western Legacy refines its plans, it will continue to include a number of agricultural industry and non-industrial experts on the Research and Development Council staff. This council will continue to gather input from all stakeholders. She says Western Legacy is committed to achieving its development goals: 8,000 processed head per day of bison and cattle, being great citizens and providing secure, well-paying jobs.

JUNE 2022:

Kingsbury & Associates and Sirius Realty of Rapid City, SD, and Greenville, SC, announce steps in their plans to build a next-generation, one-million-square-foot beef and bison packing plant in the west of SD.

Western Legacy Development Corporation is the name of the project development entity. “‘Western Legacy’ – the name is very personal to me,” said Megan Kingsbury, President of Kingsbury & Associates and Managing Partner of Sirius Realty. “As a fifth-generation livestock producer in South Dakota, this project to build a packing facility and re-market competition for producers gives hope that we will be able to maintain the breeding and its way of life beyond the next generation. Western South Dakota is a personal story in the name of “Western Legacy”. It’s my house. Just because I left the area for a while, this place is where my roots are and where I will live for the next fifty years. Giving back to this great community is very important to me. This project is the best way I know to achieve that.

She continues, “We are also pleased to announce a relationship with Farmers Union Industries to provide on-site processing of by-products. Farmers Union Industries will focus specifically on the efficient processing of blood and bone meal by-products.

Dale Bednarek, CEO of Farmers Union Industries, added, “Farmers Union Industries and Farmers Union Enterprises are very pleased and want to form this partnership with Western Legacy Development Corporation. We think this is a great opportunity not only for us, but also to give back to family farmers not only in South Dakota, but also in neighboring states.

In addition, recent community concerns that have arisen are being addressed. According to Sirius Realty Partner Curtis Harper, “We have a plan in place to capture the methane gas from the facility and reuse it as the energy needed to run a facility of this caliber. There will be no smell. There will also be no cattle fed on site. This is a facility where cattle are shipped and harvested in the most efficient and humane manner possible. This is truly a next-gen setup, unlike anything currently working in the world. »

The Rapid City Industrial Park is the preferred site for the installation. “We continue to work through appropriate processes to ensure that we are good neighbors and responsible citizens both from the perspective of using green energy technology and verifying that we all have our boxes checked to keep the community happy,” Kingbury said. “We will recycle the majority of the water used in the facility and have worked on efficient transportation methods.” Livestock will be unloaded directly into the facility from the truck and/or railcars and will not be penned outside.

The Western Legacy Development Corporation facility will use robotics and artificial intelligence along with other technology applications, creating a fully automated packaging line, making the facility safer, more efficient, more humane and providing constant cuts of meat that would not normally be made. by a human with known margins of error. “With graduates from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Dakota State University and others, we have the technology experts to build a high-tech facility never seen before in the United States, right here. We want to attract recent graduates to live and work here in western South Dakota with well-paying jobs. This will help us continue to create a great community for all to live in,” Kingsbury said.

The $1.1 billion state-of-the-art facility is expected to open in early 2023 and will take three years to complete. The project is currently in the R&D phase and is funded by private companies Kingsbury & Associates and Sirius Realty and has no plans to go public.

“We are building a brand that is ‘America First,’ focusing on buying American livestock and feeding American citizens affordable, high-quality protein as our first priority. Our shelves of grocery stores should never be empty of meat again, Kingsbury said.

MAY 2022:

Kingsbury & Associates and Sirius Realty of Rapid City and Greenville, SC, announced plans to build an 8,000 head per day processing plant in western South Dakota. The 1 million square foot facility will process beef and include a specialty bison line. The companies are currently in the research and development phase of the project.

“Our goal is to restore competition to meat processing in the United States,” said Megan Kingsbury, president and managing partner, who leads the project. “I’m a 5e western South Dakota production producer, and I know how difficult it is for us as producers to be profitable. I want to settle this. We want to compete with the big four meatpacking giants and be that all-important “second-highest bidder” in the spot market. We will build a brand that is America First by focusing on buying American livestock and feeding American citizens affordable, high-quality protein as our first priority. Our grocery shelves should never be empty of meat again.

The proposed facility will focus on introducing and developing new technologies in robotics and artificial intelligence that make processing easier, safer and more efficient, while producing a more consistent end product. “With graduates from the South Dakota School of Mines, Dakota State University and others, we have the technology experts to build a high-tech facility never seen before in the United States, right here. We want to attract these young people to live and work here in Rapid City with well-paying jobs and helping to build a great community to live in. I plan to live here for the next 50 years and want to build a community we are in that we are all proud of,” Kingsbury added.

The recently announced Black Hills Industrial Park is the preferred site and is adjacent to Highway 79 and Old Folsom Road just south of Rapid City. “Our priorities are to be the best neighbor one could ask for. We will employ and develop technologies to mitigate any negative effects people may associate with treatment facilities. We will capture methane to help power the facility, use renewable energy sources, recycle the majority of water used daily and have also worked on efficient transportation plans,” Kingsbury said.

“The American rancher is less than a generation away from extinction if we don’t do something soon,” Kingsbury said. “We have already seen the high cost of meat in stores and the low prices producers receive for their animals. There are profits in this industry throughout the supply chain if we restore competition. When this happens, everyone who produces and consumes high-quality beef benefits. »

The project is expected to take three years to compete and boast of creating 2,500 jobs.


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