Will Chennai Corporation managers and advisors be trained


The Koovam, Adyar, Buckingham Canal, Captain Cotton and Otteri Nalla are among the more than 30 rivers and canals in Chennai. Because of the negligence of society, the majority of rivers discharge sewage. As a result, they all turned into mosquito breeding sites. For more than 40 years, Chennai’s biggest landmarks have been pollution of waterways and mosquito infestations. Mosquito harassment, in particular, is a serious problem in Chennai at the moment.

Mosquitoes, which form in the grime of waterways, only emerge in the evening. The smoke is used in the morning to repel mosquitoes. It is also customary to only smoke in the morning if you have been diagnosed with dengue fever. Smoking costs more than Rs 2 crore per month. If a mosquito infestation is observed, the first step is to determine if the type of mosquito is present, if it is a mosquito that thrives in clean water and carries dengue or a mosquito that spreads malaria.

If a complaint about Mosquito Harassment in Chennai is received via Complaint Phone Number 1913, “Namma Chennai” Processor and Advisors believe that smoke dispersal is the only answer and only take such action . One of the major reasons for the lack of mosquitoes in Chennai is because of this. Mosquitoes, like humans, have used prescription drugs for years to boost their immunity. No research has been done to see if mosquitoes are attracted to it.


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