Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation opens innovative SMART warehouse in Newnan – Reuters


Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation (YMMC), based in Newnan, Georgia, yesterday inaugurated a new advanced and innovative “SMART” warehouse, the first of its kind for Yamaha Motor Company in the world. Using state-of-the-art automated storage and retrieval systems, the new 200,000 square foot facility will be able to reduce more than 50 percent.

If you’re trying to imagine the SMART warehouse, imagine a seven-story vending machine. Instead of cokes and chips falling slowly, it features high-speed automation that sends Yamaha team members the parts they need immediately to build recreational vehicles. A better system will make for a more efficient team and ultimately a happier customer.

“The new Yamaha SMART Warehouse will improve our overall operational efficiency and the speed of material flow to our factory assembly lines, ultimately allowing us to get products into the hands of our dealers and customers faster,” said Mike Chrzanowski. , President and CEO of Yamaha. Automotive company. “Demand for all of our outdoor recreation products produced at this facility continues to outstrip supply and we are pleased to bring this new warehouse online as soon as possible.”

SMART is the acronym for Sequenced Material and Reduced Transportation.

The SMART Warehouse’s automated medium parts storage and retrieval system will be able to retrieve and put away 240 containers per hour, up from the current rate of 170 containers per hour. The small automated system will be able to process 2400 containers per hour, compared to the current capacity of 550 containers per day. The new systems will allow Yamaha to reduce forklifts by 50% by using automatic conveyors and tugs to move parts from the SMART center to the factories.

The Newnan community will also benefit from the new Yamaha SMART Warehouse. “The significant investment Yamaha has made in this new facility underscores the company’s long-term commitment to our YMCC employees as well as to the Town of Newnan and Coweta County,” continued Chrzanowski. “This system within the SMART Warehouse will bring higher paying and higher skilled jobs to Coweta County, including robotics experts, software developers and systems engineers.”

Designed by SSI SCHAEFER, the new Yamaha SMART Warehouse will also include an observation deck allowing groups such as students from local schools to learn about manufacturing and automated processes.

Yamaha plans to complete the SMART Warehouse in 2024.

Strong product demand and continued growth at Yamaha means they are hiring right now. Details are on YamahaJobs.com. Most Yamaha careers begin with Contract to Perm.


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